Wednesday, 28 January 2015

An Introduction

To those of you who have read our other blogs you will know that there is nothing that we like more than to travel.  Well when we say nothing, that's after the grandchildren and extended family.

Over the years we have been involved with AFS or as you may know it American Field Scholarship.  AFS is an international, voluntary, non governmental organisation that provides  opportunities for intercultural learning.  During our period with AFS we have hosted a number of students so this winter we are catching up with some of them during our travels.  We will also have the pleasure of meeting their boyfriends/husbands along with their children - it really is exciting!

So where are we off to during winter in New Zealand 2015.  It is our intention to leave New Zealand, where we have been for the summer months, on May 1st, and head for initially for Australia (Melbourne) - really where else would we start our trip from?  From there we will then head to:-

Strasbourg - Canal Boating with friends

And finally on to the USA North Carolina where we will spend some months doing two things -
annoying the hang out of our son who lives in North Carolina- and learning more about his world
We have purchased our son's old car that he was selling, and we are intending to purchase a caravan or in USA terms a tow behind or travel trailer so that we can explore the eastern coast if the U.S.  So we are now the proud owners of a Ford Trail Blazer.

We have decided to try a different method of publication for our Travels in 2015/16 to follow click here